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Transforming Boarder Surveillance:EU and German Government Support Bolsters Kenya’s Public Health Preparedness

Nairobi ,2023. The Ministry of Health has received a significant boost in its efforts to digitize border surveillance systems. Thanks to the European Union and the German Government's support through the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the ministry has acquired various IT equipment as part of the "EU Digital Solutions to Strengthen Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Systems for COVID-19 in the IGAD Region."

This support includes seven laptops, 37 desktop computers, 37 UPSs, 37 power extension cables, and 4 access points. These will be strategically deployed to critical border points such as Busia, Malaba, Mandera, and Moyale.

The equipment is set to enhance communication and data sharing among these border regions, facilitating a more coordinated response to public health threats. This is a significant step toward the rapid detection and containment of outbreaks.

“The support from our partners signifies a pivotal moment in strengthening our public health systems and fostering cross-border collaboration. Together, we are better equipped to combat outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics, ensuring a safer Kenya and Horn of Africa, Mary Muthoni, Principal Secretary of the State Department of Public Health and professional standards said.