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Complaint Procedure (World Bank Procurement)

World Bank Procurement-Related Complaint Procedure

The procedures for making a procurement-related complaint are detailed in the “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (Annex III)”, which can be accessed at World Bank website.

In summary, a procurement-related complaint may challenge any of the following:

The Terms of the Bidding Documents;
The Employer’s decision to exclude a Bidder from the procurement process prior to the award of contract; and
The Employer’s decision to award the contract.

If a Bidder wishes to make a procurement-related complaint, the Bidder shall submit its complaint following these procedures in writing (by the quickest means available, such as by email or fax) and address to:-

Principal Secretary,

Ministry of Health

State Department for Medical Services

P.O. Box 30016-00100 

Nairobi, KENYA

Location:     Afya House, Cathedral Road
Floor:    6th Floor
City:    Nairobi
Country:    Kenya
With copy to:    
 The Project Manager,

COVID Project