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Angola and Kenya Sign Health Cooperation MoU

Nairobi, KENYA - 21st October 2023 - The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Angola and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kenya have officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that paves the way for cooperation in the field of health. 

This MoU, signed by H.E Tete Antonio, Minister for External Relations, and Ms. Susan Nakhumicha, Cabinet Secretary for Health, at State House Nairobi today, is rooted in mutual interest and is driven by the shared objective of promoting health while safeguarding the rights of healthcare workers in both countries. It encompasses a wide array of collaborative areas, including specialized training of health professionals, the recruitment and deployment of healthcare workers, health service decentralization, disease control, health financing, research, and more.

The Parties involved have committed to working together on numerous initiatives, fostering the exchange of experiences, and facilitating the sharing of healthcare professionals and expertise. 

The MoU also establishes a Joint Implementation Committee responsible for overseeing the implementation of the agreement. It underlines the Parties' commitment to upholding internationally recognized principles and values that align with their domestic laws. Matters pertaining to confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and funding are addressed within the document. 

The MoU has an initial duration of five years, with provisions for renewal and termination, and it takes effect upon signature.