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Addressing Child Wasting and Malnutrition Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Kenya's Commitment to Action

New York, September 19, 2023 - Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nakhumicha S. Wafula, has underscored the pressing need to combat child malnutrition in the Horn of Africa during her remarks at the UNGA Side Event on Child Survival in the Hunger and Malnutrition Crisis. ย 
This high-level gathering, hosted at the Lexington Hotel, united world leaders to confront the critical issues affecting children in the region.

Nakhumicha emphasized the imperative of adopting a multi-sectoral approach to nutrition security and the crucial role of political commitment in eradicating malnutrition.ย 
Kenya has taken proactive measures, including fertilizer subsidies and the implementation of the Afya Bora Mashinani model for Universal Health Coverage.

The Cabinet Secretary also raised concerns about the looming threat of an El Niรฑo event and called for international support to effectively address these complex challenges.
She urged for technical and financial support, collaborative endeavors, and innovative solutions to tackle child malnutrition effectively. โ€œKenya remains resolute in its commitment to protecting vulnerable children, both at home and abroad,โ€ she stated.ย 
ย The Horn of Africa has experienced five consecutive missed rainy seasons, leading to over 50,000 fatalities, with young children under 5 bearing the brunt of this crisis. In Kenya, the number of malnourished children under 5 has surged, now affecting nearly one million youngsters, along with 142,000 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. This alarming increase is a stark contrast to the previous year's figures.