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KMTC Board of Directors Hold Inaugural Meeting Under New Leadership

Nairobi ,2023 The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Board of Directors convened or its inaugural meeting under the leadership of the newly appointed Board Chairperson, Joseah Kiplangat Cheruiyot. This  occasion also marked the incorporation of four independent members into the board, signaling a renewed commitment to excellence and progress within the college.

As a premier middle-level training College, KMTC has been instrumental in the production of highly skilled healthcare professionals, playing a pivotal role in advancing Kenya's Universal Health Coverage (UHC) objectives. The institution's dedication to producing competent graduates has been a cornerstone in meeting the country's healthcare workforce needs, both domestically and on the international stage.

The newly constituted Board is tasked with the paramount responsibility of upholding and enhancing the standards of training at KMTC. This commitment ensures that graduates from the institution are not only well-prepared for the demands of the local healthcare sector but also meet the rigorous standards required in the global job market.

The  Board is expected to foster collaborations and partnerships that will facilitate resource mobilization, to  complement government efforts  to further strengthen its educational programs and infrastructure.

The inaugural meeting of the KMTC Board marks a significant step towards reinforcing the institution's commitment to delivering top-quality healthcare education and training.