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Kenya National Health Information Exchange Workshop takes place in Machakos

Nairobi July 16-21,2023  In a bid to revolutionize Kenya's healthcare system and enhance data sharing, a pivotal five-day convergence workshop on national health information exchange was convened at Pride Inn Plaza in Machakos today. 

Organized under the theme "Towards a Secure Trusted Kenya Health Information Exchange," the event  gathered healthcare professionals, policymakers, and technology experts from across the country to deliberate and strategize ways to streamline health information exchange.

Coordinated by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with USAID, University of Nairobi, and HealthIT, the workshop sought to address the existing challenges faced by the healthcare sector in sharing crucial patient data. 

The ability to exchange health information efficiently is paramount to delivering optimal healthcare, as it empowers medical providers to access patients' medical history, test results, and other relevant information, regardless of their geographic location.

Presiding over the inaugural ceremony was Dr. B. Langat, the head of the Directorate of Digital Health, Information, Policy, and Research at the Ministry of Health. Dr. Langat underscored the digital health superhighway vision for universal health coverage in Kenya while emphasizing the vital role a robust national health information exchange system plays in improving the quality of care, enhancing patient safety, and facilitating data-driven decision-making