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High-Level Government Meeting: Advancing Kenya’s Development Agenda And Zero Fault Audit Regime Implementation

Nairobi, , 2023 Principal Secretaries and Chief Executive Officers of State Corporations convened  for a Consultative Meeting with the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service (COS&HOPS). The primary objective of this gathering was to facilitate the efficient execution of the government's development agenda.

A pivotal focus of the meeting was the discussion surrounding the implementation of the "Zero Fault Audit Regime" for the Financial Year 2023/2024. This initiative is designed to reinforce good governance, integrity, accountability, transparency, and the establishment of global best practices within Kenya's government institutions. The initiative holds the potential to yield substantial savings in legal expenses, showcasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Another significant topic on the agenda revolved around the role of Regulatory Authorities in driving the Kenya Kwanza Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda. The discussions underscored the vital role these authorities play in empowering local communities and igniting grassroots development.