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CS Nakumincha Engages Roundtable Discussions with Public Investments Committee on Governance and Education

Nairobi  Kenya - 4th October 2023 - Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula participated in a roundtable discussion today with the Public Investments Committee on Governance and Education. 

The discussion was centered on essential matters related to the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral, and Research Hospital (KUTRRH). 

Key issues highlighted by CS includes: Status of Legal Notice No. 4 of 2019: CS elaborated on the crucial nature of Legal Notice No. 4 of 2019, which placed KUTRRH under the Ministry of Health. She emphasized that this decision is firmly rooted in the Health Act of 2017. Consequently, any attempt to revoke it would necessitate substantial legal amendments, potentially leading to disruptions in financial and contractual commitments. 

Appointment of KUTRRH's CEO: It was clarified that the current CEO, Mr. Ahmed Dagane, fully met the criteria outlined in the Health Act of 2017 for CEOs of Level 6 Hospitals. His appointment adhered to all legal procedures.

Access for Kenyatta University Medical Students: CS highlighted the recent accreditation of KUTRRH as a training site for Kenyatta University Medical Students by regulatory authorities. The hospital is now fully prepared to welcome these students, pending the finalization of administrative arrangements.