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County Governments Conducting Oral Cholera Vaccine Campaign Training

Nairobi, Kenya - 1st August 2023 - On Tuesday County governments conducted training for sub-county vaccinators as part of the Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign, which is scheduled to take place from Thursday, 3rd August to Saturday, 12th August 2023. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and WHO country office the training aims to prepare vaccinators in the highest-risk counties and sub-counties for the upcoming vaccination campaign.

Nairobi county team conducted their training at Kariokor social hall targeting over 400 trainers.

With a target of 1.5 million in high risk sub- counties, individuals aged one year and above, the campaign places a primary focus on enhancing preventive measures against cholera in the identified regions.

By empowering vaccinators with the necessary skills and knowledge, the ministry of health and partners are taking significant strides towards safeguarding public health and mitigating the impact of cholera outbreaks.