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Malaria Council

Cabinet Secretary For Health Holds Meeting With Kenya End Malaria Council To Discuss Eradication Efforts

Nairobi, Kenya  May 10, 2023

In a bid to eradicate malaria in Kenya by 2030, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nakhumicha S. Wafula, today held a meeting with the leadership of the Kenya End Malaria Council at Afya House. The discussion centered on private sector engagement, resource mobilization, advocacy, and action towards achieving this goal.
During the meeting, it was emphasized that the private sector plays a crucial role in bringing together concerted efforts to eradicate malaria in Kenya. The Cabinet Secretary urged the council to continue collaborating with the Ministry of Health towards a malaria-free Kenya.
Malaria remains a major public health concern in Kenya, and concerted efforts are required to achieve the ambitious goal of eradicating the disease by 2030. The Ministry of Health and the Kenya End Malaria Council are committed to working together to mobilize resources and implement effective strategies towards this end.