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Calls for Abstracts, Memoranda, Public Participation and Submissions are listed here.
Type of Submission Title/Description Submission Date Attachment
Public Notice - Call For Comments on IRA Call for comments and invitation for Public Participation on the draft National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Amendment Act Regulation, 2023 and the draft Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) report on the NHIF Act. 05/11/2023
Call for Submission of Abstracts – Deadline Extension Call-for-submission-of-Best-Practice-and-Innovation-Abstracts 05/13/2022
Call for Submission Call for submissions to the Prince Mahidol Awards 05/23/2021
Public Hearings and Request for Memoranda Cancer Taskforce Public Hearings and Request for Memoranda 07/25/2021
Submission of Memoranda Call for Submission of Memoranda by the Cancer Taskforce 07/15/2021